The Inspiration of CADi

Greetings from Cheryl DaVeiga, creator and alter ego of CADi Grace

You might be wondering what inspired the creation of CADi Grace.  There’s always a song dancing around in my head.  My family and friends joke about how I know the lyrics to every song on the radio.  I found my creative outlet in writing parody songs for my family and friends for birthdays, retirement, promotions… any excuse at all.   The goal was to make the lyrics funny, hand out lyric sheets to everyone and lead a group sing-along.  Hmmm… how could I use a talent such as this?  Weird Al already had the market.

At the time CADi was “born”, my darling nephews, Michael and Colin, were growing up,
and I (Auntie Cheryl) was intent on sharing my love of music with them.  When Michael was 7, we were out shopping together for arts and crafts, having just listened to the Kids Place Live radio station.  He was singing along.  I declared to Michael that we should write our own song. He looked up at me in awe and asked  “We could write a song?”

He wanted to know how.  “Well”, I said, making it up as I was saying it,  “you just come
up with an idea of what your song should be about, write some lyrics to describe it,
put them to a melody and you have a song!  He found this thought intriguing.  So I
asked Michael what he’d like his song to be about.  He thought about it for a minute
and landed decisively on “superheroes.”  OK.  Superheroes it was.  “Now, what about
them?  What would they be doing?”   We decided that since a song can really be about
anything at all, and we were shopping at the time, maybe the song could be about
meeting superheroes in the aisles of the stores.  Michael thought that was pretty funny,
and a song was born.  We went home that day, sat at the piano, and began to write The
Craziest Dream… maybe not so crazy after all…