CADi (kay-dee) Grace is an animated, elementary school teacher who loves to take her
students on magical, musical adventures. Her story-songs and music videos capture
these exciting adventures while exploring the limits of children’s imaginations, making the impossible come to life.

With clever, punny lyrics amusing adults, exciting plots encouraging children to use their
creativity, and catchy melodies that everyone can enjoy, it is hard not to be swept away into the world(s) of CADi Grace without wanting to return home.


CADi Grace’s number one love in the world is making music. Number two is children, and number three is making music with children. She likes lots of other things too, such as math, science, arts and crafts, and golf. After her days as a rock and roll star, touring the country with her amazing guitarist Anthony, CADi decided to hang up her rock-star boots and pursue her second love by becoming an elementary school teacher.

CADi’s classes are never normal. For starters, she has a habit of talking and teaching in rhymes and is forever singing melodies which seem to pop into her head. It’s the side effect of being a songwriter for too long, or so rumor around the classroom has it. After a while a songwriting brain can turn into a humming, rhyming thesaurus!

CADi also has a talking, singing, guitar-playing pet ant who lives in a snow globe on her desk. His name is Ant and when Ant meddles with CADi’s lessons, no two school days are ever quite the same. You see it turns out that whenever Ant plays one of CADi Grace’s songs, lots of magical things happen to CADi and all the children around her.

We hope you will laugh, sing and join in with CADi and her class as they embark on their next crazy, musical escapade.


CADi, in real life, stands for Cheryl Anne DaVeiga’s inspiration. Cheryl is a CPA by day and a songwriter by night. She writes both children’s and adult songs and recently was announced as the co-recipient of the 2013 ASCAP Foundation Jay Gorney award for the song “Home Don’t Feel Like Home,” which she wrote with the producer of her children’s music, Anthony Krizan. In addition to her first, four-song album(ette), she has produced animated video singalongs to go with two of her songs so far, with more on the way. She is also co-authoring children’s books about the magical, musical adventures of CADi Grace.